Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kabbalah for Spiritual Transformation and Fulfi...

Unlock the Secrets of the Spheres! - Get Connected, Inspired, Grounded, and Insightful. Step into a vast world of rich and ancient knowledge -  You’ll explore the basics of kabbalistic esoteric traditions, and the wisdom of many cultures: The tree of life and 12 Signs of the Zodiac - The 12  tribe of Jewish tradition wisdom - and wisdom of Zohar- The 7 Chakras and the tarots - and much more! -  it could change your life! . These powerful elements make up the essence of your life – you can find success by understanding their interpretations and implications. To find out what destiny has in store for you, learn the mystical meanings of the stars and planets in Astrology with wisdom of Kabbala: Don’t wait another minute to know your future, find your soul mate, and discover your true path in life.  Kabbalah for Spiritual Transformation and Fulfi...

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Tarot is an ancient, sacred method of acquiring information for spiritual insight. Kabbalah is the science of numbers, and reveals the structures of everything that exists. By knowing Kabbalah, one also knows the way out of suffering. Together, Tarot and Kabbalah empower, energize, and clarify your spiritual life. Instead of wandering in guesses, beliefs, and assumptions, one can know for oneself, with certainty. Packed with practical exercises, including meditation, astral projection, numerology, and divination Includes detailed explanations of all 78 Tarot cards and how they relate to Kabbalah Utilizes examples from all of the world’s great religions. Get The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set

Thousands of years ago, the angel Metatron gave to humanity the Tarot and the Hebrew letters, which were preserved among the highest secrets of the mystical traditions, and were completely unknown to the public. Unfortunately, some cunning people stole and modified a portion of the protected teachings, and over the centuries that stolen knowledge passed through Egypt, Arabia, and finally into Europe, eventually becoming what we popularly refer to as the Tarot: a deck of cards marked by seemingly obscure images and symbols. Over the centuries, it degenerated. It was re-arranged, misinterpreted, misused... In spite of our troubled history, the real Tarot continues to exist, and has never changed, since the real Tarot was not made by humanity, but has always existed in the superior worlds.

Now, you can learn about the eternal Tarot. Metatron gave the Tarot and the Hebrew letters to humanity so that we, who are so confused and blinded by our psychological state, could have some way of acquiring reliable information from The Rider Tarot Deck